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Do you have a message you want to the world to read? Or do you want to make some extra dough while idling in traffic? Car signage might be the answer. Custom vehicle signage gives entrepreneurs a new medium to self-promote while providing car owner a means to make money by subletting their vehicle’s exterior to third-party advertisers.

In addition, perforated vinyl wrap can be applied to windows enabling one way vision, which is almost like having super powers – you can see people but they can’t see you. Oh, and best of all, unlike that tattoo you got after a night of consuming one too many adult beverages, custom vehicle graphics can be removed, returning your vehicle to original condition.

Vehicle signage is also extremely affordable and tax deductible. Why just advertise on a stationary billboard, when you can have a mobile announcement on four wheels? There are few other advertising mediums that can compare with the value of custom vehicle signage.

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Here at EuroWest Advertising, we can easily design the exact signage you are looking for. Once the layout of your signage has been selected, we will begin the process of creating your signage with our state of the art equipment. Turnaround time is very limited and your fleet will be on the street, advertising your message in no time.

Business vehicles are dull by design – their body panels are usually blank, drab coloured slabs of metal, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Let us liven up your vehicle while also promoting your business with custom vehicle signage.

Vehicle Signage Applications include:

  • Cars of all shapes and sizes
  • Industrial Vehicles
  • Leisure Vehicles – Boats & Caravans
  • Motorcicles
  • Motorsport Vehicles
  • Transportation Vehicles : Buses – Taxis – Trucks – Trams & Trains